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Real Estate in real time.

Receive alerts of new properties for sale the minute they are listed.

Get notified every time a new property comes on the market, regardless of which broker has the listing. Finding a new home, especially these days, with all the information available, means you need to be constantly aware of the market. Time is of the essence, and following the market closely will make you more able to appreciate your broker's advice and knowledge, thus allowing you to take more educated decisions. Real estate alerts is a must in today's world.


Only receive what is of interest to you: price range, neighborhood or area defined within street limits as you request.

Receive alerts

Be notified as soon as a broker from any firm list a home that fits your criteria. At the same time as any other broker will be!


The easy interface allows you to manage you properties by book-marking your preferred homes and deleting the unwanted ones.

Cancel any time

Simply by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any alert.
Give us your criterias.

Your request will be handled within 24 hours (usually much sooner). It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about any property notification you receive. If interested, call us or reply to the email and we will book an appointment for you at your convenience.

Marc & Christine Lefrançois